LEP Flashlight THORⅠ- Tinanium

● Ultra-bright LEP: LEP flashlight THOR Ⅰthrows a straight precision beam up to 1200 meters, with 400-lumen output. THOR Ⅰeasily meets the exploration needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
● Unique Design: THOR Ⅰ with multiple body-color choices, and has tri-slots on the tail cap. It provides you a new handheld white laser experience, and easy to carry.
● Smooth Operation: Tail switch ambient light operates on/off and momentary, 3-mode dirver with memory, simple and practical.

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  • White lesar emiters with max up to 1200 meters throw
  • Three modes with memory
  • Rear switch with RGB aux light
  • Tri-slots on the tail cap
  • Material: Titanium
  • Use 1 X 18350 Li-ion battery
  • IPX8 waterproof


  1. Do not aim this light directly at eyes or exposed skin to prevent injuries
  2. Keep this flashlight out of the reach of children.