LEP Flashlight Thor 5 Titanium

● Titanium Construction: It is made of titanium alloy, and embedded with many luminous strips, you rarely see such a unique design of LEP flashlight.
● Compact & Powerful: With a length of 92mm, this LEP flashlight delivers up to 1200-meter beam distance, powered by 18350 Li-ion battery.
● Convenient Operation: Side switch for one-handed operation, two modes with mode memory, includes strobe and blink modes.


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  • Do not aim LEP flashlights at people. Do not aim at mirrors, glass, or other reflective materials. Do not aim at aircraft or other vehicles in operation
  • Please use it in accordance with your local laws and regulations. Release the manufacturer and retailers from all liabilities.
  • Users must be over 18 years of age.
  • Keep the light out of reach of children.
Lumintop LEP flashlight Thor 5