Lumintop® CL2 Rechargeable LED Lantern

● High Performance: CL2 utilizes 4*Luminus SST20 5000K LEDs for a max brightness 650 lumens.
● Hands-free Design: With standard tripod connector and carrying handle, CL2 can be hung out on your bag or tent, and more placement options at your disposal.
● Convenient Operation: Side switch for quick and easy one-touch control. Lock-out function, 5 brightness levels plus Strobe, SOS, beacon function.
● Rechargeable & Longer Runtime: Adopted USB C port, max 2A charging with built-in power level indicator, compatible with 1-4 x 14500 Li-Ion or AA batteries, it runs up to 28 days.


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  • Utilizes 4*Luminus SST20 5000K LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50000 hours
  • Max up to 650 lumens on Turbo, and a 28 days runtime on Moonlight
  • 5 output levels plus Strobe, SOS, and beacon
  • Powered by 1, 2, 3, or 4 X 14500 Li-ion / AA batteries
  • USB Type-C rechargeable
  • Side switch for convenient one-handed operation
  • Built-in battery level indicator and mode memory function
  • Standard tripod socket and hands-free hook
  • Size: 137.5*55*39mm

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Castro
The Perfect Lantern

Who doesnt love a well made product that utilizes premium grade materials & looks like a beautiful work of art ? This compact & durable yet advanced lantern has potential & can be applied to many purposes. From natural disasters,conflicts,human error & mechanical failures, all of witch can cause power outages, you want this lantern by your side. If you are a prepper, you want this by your side, & if you are smart, you will have more than one in your readyness coffers. I have a rule of three system that works for me & that is what I aim for, sofar I have two, but I am planning for a 3rd. These lanters are proven on my behalf & they worked to perfection. I did buy quite the arsenal of 14500's but it turns out that although they are high drain, it was still very effective & managable to withstand a significant amount if time on med to high lumens. I did change them out after a few days but still impressed that it took days not hrs. to start alerting me of s power drop.

Cheers 🍺🍻🍺,